Simplo Technology participated in the "2023 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA)" for the first time this year and has won the 16th TCSA in Corporate Sustainability Report silver award in the corporate sustainability reporting and electronic information manufacturing categories.
The Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards, held by Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE), has become an important indicator of corporate sustainability assessment. The organizer stated that the number of companies participating in the award this year reached 526, a 24% increase from last year. This shows that the awards are very competitive. This time Simplo Technology participated in the large-scale electronics manufacturing enterprise group, which is an enterprise with a global revenue of more than NT$5 billion in 2022. We know that the road to sustainability has no end, and we will continue to optimize towards sustainable development goals in the future.
Simplo Technology lays a solid foundation through the five major targets set by the sustainability committee of "green manufacturing, innovative technology, sustainable supply chain, social participation and corporate governance", sets sustainability goals and implements specific sustainability plans. Actively deploy carbon management issues in the environment, such as conducting greenhouse gas inventory and ISO14064-1 verification; CDP rated B grade for carbon disclosure in 2022; set and pass the SBTi near-term target in 2023; set up carbon reduction according to the 1.5 scenario. In order to achieve the company's carbon reduction commitment, it has actively carried out carbon reduction actions, including: introducing ISO 50001 management system, installing solar panels for self-use, signing renewable energy power purchase contracts, etc. It is currently applying for the RE100 initiative.
In terms of innovative technology, we are evaluating the introduction of PCR (post-consumer recycled) into battery pack to reduce plastic and product carbon footprint. In some projects, 90% of mass production has been implemented using PCR.
In terms of society, Simplo Technology and National Taiwan University Hospital Hsinchu Branch promote "teletherapy and healthy villages". The telemedicine care model will become the new normal in the future and simultaneously catalyze the demand for non-contact mobile digital health to strengthen mobile medical care and telemedicine in rural areas. Quantity energy.

In terms of governance, we will continue to strengthen the operation of the board of directors. The rate of Corporate Governance Evaluation System in 2022 is 6~10%. In terms of sustainable supply chain management, we refer to the ISO 20400 sustainable procurement guide to optimize the competitiveness of Simplo and its own suppliers and reduce supply chain risks. Simplo Technology attaches great importance to human rights issues. Become an RBA member and support RBA with practical actions. We are committed to safeguarding labor rights, implementing honest operations and protecting the environment, implementing occupational safety and health to create a safe workplace, and establishing a continuously improved management system. We work with all members of the alliance towards sustainable corporate development and fulfill our corporate social responsibilities.

Simplo Technology adheres to the corporate vision of " Be your Best Battery Solution Provider." And the sustainable vision of "Lighting the Future", and is committed to fulfilling corporate sustainability responsibilities, lighting up the future and creating sustainable shared value.