Value Proposition

Simplo as a professional leading manufacturer in the industry, the Company has been committed to the research and development, production and sale of lithium battery software and hardware for many years. Driven by the issues of environmental protection, sustainable development and renewable energy, energy products have been growing continuously. With solid battery research and development capacity, Simplo conducts in-depth technical cooperation with relevant leading domestic and international manufacturers, and continuously invests in the development and advanced manufacturing of energy storage system technologies. Simplo aims to provide the highest-value energy storage solutions and design and manufacturing services in the energy internet.


Professional Advantages

Simplo has been focusing on lithium battery technology for more than 32 years, and has comprehensive control of the quality from the cells and design and manufacturing of battery system software and hardware to the life cycle management. AI algorithms predict battery lives more accurately, which can extend service life and improve customer asset utilization. Simplo has in-depth partnerships with EMS/SI partners to provide affordable high-value product solutions that are scalable on demand to meet the different application needs of customers. In addition, by integrating global partners, rapid and in-place local technical support services are provided to ensure the stable long-term operation of products.


Application Scenarios

Simplo's value proposition is to provide highly-customized, comprehensive energy storage solutions that are scalable on demand for partners in the value chain, to meet diversified application scenarios. Simplo's solutions can be applied to load shifting, buffer storage for renewables, frequency regulation, backup power, supplemental power and more, to meet the different needs of customers.


Products Combinations

Diverse battery energy storage products combinations, modular design, customizable and on-demand scalability.

40’ Air Cooling Battery Container
  • 2.96 MWh
  • 1076V~1469V
  • LFP Cell
20’Liquid Cooling Battery Container
  • 3.72 MWh
  • 1082V~1476V
  • LFP Cell