Simplo deeply understands that only the establishment and continuous maintenance of a working environment that complies with occupational safety and health (hereinafter referred to as occupational safety and health) laws and regulations and management system requirements is the basic premise and element to ensure that each employee can concentrate on contributing their professionalism and value. Accordingly, Simplo has passed the certification of ISO 45001: 2018 Occupational Safety and Health Management System. With the policy of "zero accidents in safety and health", we will continue to maintain and build a completely safe working environment.

Occupational Safety and Health Policy


Occupational Safety and Health Committee

The Simplo occupational safety and health management department is responsible for planning, supervising, and promoting occupational safety and health workplace. The executive of each factory will be the chairperson of "Safety Committee" and appoints members of occupational safety and health management, the supervisors of each department, members of labor health service, and labor representatives according to the local regulations to constitute the safety committee. The committee members will regularly hold the meeting to discuss and improve the occupational safety and health policies, plans, and training.

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

Simplo's operating branches follow local regulations and ISO 45001 Occupational Safety and Health Management to establish procedures and methods for hazard identification and risk assessment, which are used for annual regular and irregular (including but not limited to new processes, new chemical products, and so on) hazard identification and follow-up actions such as developing, tracking, and controlling. Hazard Identification ranges not only from physics, chemical, biology and human factors but to the new issues of occupational safety such as overwork, working for long hours, bullying, and sexual harassment. If the result of the risk assessment is unacceptable, then corrections, improvements, and precautions will be adopted. The risk will be listed in a management plan to develop, track, and control in an active and effective way until it could be reduced to a manageable level.


Incident Prevention, Investigation and Reporting

In order to effectively prevent occupational accidents and occupational disease, Simplo's operating branches follow local regulations and ISO 45001 Occupational Safety and Health Management to establish accident prevention, investigation, report, corrective actions for non-conformances, and preventive measures for investigating, reviewing, correcting, and preventing Used for issues such as false alarm accidents, industrial accidents, traffic accidents on the way to and from work, etc. Simplo actively implements occupational safety and health policies and various standard operating procedures.
According to the "Occupational Safety and Health Act" of Republic of China, the company's employees, subcontractors, and contractors may stop their work and evacuate when an emergency occurs, which might directly endanger personal safety. No punishment shall be imposed for this.
In 2022, a total of 25 recordable occupational safety accidents, 0 major occupational safety accidents, and 0 fatal accidents occurred in Simplo’s global operation bases. For each occupational accident, the occupational safety and health management unit conducted an accident investigation in accordance with relevant management procedures and then proposed a summary report and improvement plan to meet the spirit of source control as much as possible and reduce the probability of occupational accidents.

Safety and Health Training

Simplo complies with the local regulations and articles of incorporation, continuously implements occupational safety and health training, develops occupational safety and health culture, establishes a comprehensive employee safety and health training strategy, and provides employees with the necessary safety and health training for job and disaster prevention. Hopefully, the pre-education and increased knowledge will achieve the purpose of prevention, strengthen the company's occupational safety and health, and lower or eliminate the probability of hazards.

2022 Occupational Safety and Health Training Course

  • New employees : After being employed, implement general education on occupational safety and health in accordance with the law

  • On-the-job employee : Regularly implement occupational safety and health education and training courses in accordance with their work characteristics according to the law

  • Employees engaged in statutory special operations : Obtain professional certificates according to the law and complete on-the-job training regularly

  • Ability training of management system executive personnel : Through training programs, to ensure that the personnel who implement the management system have appropriate capabilities, and to achieve the implementation of the management system cycle (PDCA), to construct a complete and systematic occupational safety and health management system.

Workplace Health

Health Care

In order to promote workplace health, Simplo sets a comprehensive health care plan, employs full-time nurses to be responsible for the implementation of health promotion-related businesses, including health care, employee assistance, health promotion, occupational disease warning, etc.; at the same time, it is better than the laws and regulations, and organizes free physical check-ups for company employees once a year and regular first-aid training; there are also breastfeeding rooms, nursing rooms, and AED facilities in the factory area, and doctors and nurses are invited to the factory every month to provide health consultation services.

Health Care Services

  • Physical Check-ups: new employee physical examination, general employee annual check-up, special operation check-ups

  • Health promotion: health lectures, fitness competitions, sports environment, promotion of sports clubs

  • Health management: abnormal tracking of check-up reports, care of medium and high-risk personnel, maternal protection plan, on-site doctor consultation service



Health promotion

In order to arouse colleagues’ awareness of health, Simplo promotes a number of health promotion activities to enhance the health awareness of colleagues. New World Changshu cooperates with external medical units to provide oral, gastrointestinal, uterine and other anti-cancer screening services to prevent the occurrence of diseases in advance. The external TCM health manager is invited to conduct TCM consultation activities, coordinate with constitution pulse, constitution identification, physical examination report analysis, and provide conditioning according to constitution. The detailed guidance and professional conditioning for common sub-health diseases, such as spondylosis, frozen shoulder, arthritis, high blood pressure, etc. are provided; moreover, free traditional methods of conditioning such as scraping, cupping, moxa acupuncture, massage, and acupoint meridian stimulation are also available. In 2021, a total of 3,512 people participated in TCM consultation activities.

Health Information Sharing

  • Health Consultation - Employ legally qualified physicians to provide labor health services, and provide one-on-one health consultation, health screening, psychological consultation, nutrition and exercise consultation and other services at the factory on a regular monthly basis, so that employees can also conduct professional medical consultation during working hours to understand health conditions and warning signs, so as to achieve the purpose of "early detection and early treatment".

  • Occupational Disease Prevention - Via the annual physical check-up and the monitoring results of the special hazardous working environment, the company understands the health status of the staff, provides appropriate personal protective equipment, manages physical check-ups at different levels, and arranges a consultation with doctors to actively prevent occupational diseases; there was no occupational disease reported in 2022.

  • Maternal Health Protection Plan - Set breastfeeding rooms in the company and provide health protection and care services for postpartum female employees.

  • Health Information Sharing - The company provides health information on the company’s website from time to time, such as influenza, novel influenza A, and dizziness, for the employees to refer to.


Sexual Harassment Complaints Mechanism

To maintain gender equality in employment and personal dignity, and to protect employees and jobseekers from sexual harassment, Simplo Tech disclosed “Regulations for Prevention, Correction, Complaint and Punishment of Sexual Harassment”. We take proper measures to prevent, correct, punish, deal with, and safeguard the privacy of the people who are involved. We also provide channels for complaints, and establish prevention and coping mechanisms before and after the harassment to protect the rights and interests of employees. If sexual harassment is found to be true after investigation, the person who is complained will be punished or dealt with appropriate disciplinary actions depending on the severity of the offense. If the party needs counseling or medical treatment, the company will also introduce professional consultants or medical institutions. Simplo Tech conducts prevention education of sexual assault, sexual harassment and grievances policy during the orientation. The relevant information is also updated on the Simplo Tech internal website. In 2021, no formal sexual harassment complaint was reported.




  • 健康检查:新进同仁体格检查、一般同仁年度健康检查、特殊作业健康检查

  • 健康促进:健康讲座、体适能竞赛、运动环境、运动社团推广

  • 健康管理:健康检查报告异常追踪、中高风险人员关怀、母性保护计画、临场医师咨询服务






  • 健康咨询-聘请符合法定资格之医师办理劳工健康服务,固定每月到厂提供一对一健康咨询、健康筛检、心理咨商、营养与运动咨询等服务,使员工于上班时间亦可进行专业医疗咨询,了解健康情形与警讯,以达到「早期发现早期治疗」之目的。

  • 职业病预防-每年提供员工免费健康检查,掌握同仁健康状况;并依每年特别危害健康作业环境监测结果,提供适当员工个人防护具,健康检查分级管理,安排医师咨询,采取积极态度预防职业病发生。 2022年新普科技无职业病例发生。

  • 母性健康保护-设立哺乳室于公司内部,并提供产后女性同仁健康保护和关怀服务。

  • 分享健康资讯-公司内部网站不定期提供健康相关资讯,例如:流感、新型A型流感、头晕等资讯供同仁参考。