Simplo regards the board of directors as the highest risk management organization, and had issued the "Risk Management Policy and Procedures" in 2021. Through management meetings of each departments, potential risks related to operations are identified and responded to.

  • Risk Management Policy:Risk Management Policies and Procedures(Link)

  • Scope of risk management: The risks faced by the company are divided into four categories: business, finance, environment and operation.

  • Risk Management Process:




    Risk Management Working Group




    • In response to the requirements of corporate governance laws and regulations, introduce an enterprise risk management mechanism
    • Refer to "ISO 31000 Risk Management -Principles and Guidelines" to perform enterprise risk analysis and assessment
    • Comply with Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) requirements (including governance, strategy, risk management, indicators and targets)
    • Disclose relevant information in compliance with GRI and customer requirements

    Operating situation

    The company implements the risk management mechanism and reports the operation status of risk management to the board of directors once a year. The operation status in 2022 is explained as follows.

    Category Operating situation
    Business Scope Including corporate governance risk, reputation risk, strategic risk, operational risk, human resource risk, or the impact of changes in domestic and foreign policies and laws on the company's sustainable operation, etc. The company conducts group operation management review meetings every month to identify and deal with operational risks.
    Finance Scope Including financing risk, investment risk, liquidity risk, exchange rate and interest rate risk, risk of capital lending to others, endorsement guarantee risk, derivative commodity transaction risk and financial decision-making risk, etc., which have an impact on the company's finances. The financial management department regularly reports to the management to monitor risks and implement policies。
    Operation Scope Including information security risks and occupational safety and health management risks.
    (1) The Information Department is responsible for the planning and implementation of the cyber security related norms, the executives of the Information Department will regularly participate in the internal information security related meetings, and pay attention to the Information Security related issues regularly; in addition, the audit office is the audit unit for cyber security monitoring and conducts annual cyber security audits on the internal control system - computer cycle to evaluate the effectiveness of internal controls over the Company's information operations.
    (2) Labor representatives are selected in accordance with occupational safety and health related laws and regulations, and a "Safety Committee" is convened on a quarterly basis to communicate and exchange ideas on occupational safety and health related issues, to ensure and maintain the safety and health conditions of the workplace in compliance with legal requirements, and to actively seek and implement opportunities and actions for continuous improvement. Simplo implements education and training activities such as hazard notification education and training (when new recruits arrive on duty or before job adjustment), self-defense firefighting formation (at least once every six months), emergency response drills (at least once a year) and other education and training activities in accordance with laws and regulations.
    Environment Scope Including climate change risks. The company has established the CSR Committee in October 2021, and holds meetings every six months to continuously implement solutions to issues such as circular economy, green innovation, social care, and honesty and integrity,.

    Risk identification

    The CSR Committee conducts risk quantification by means of questionnaire surveys every year. Simplo identified strategic risks, operational risks, and three aspects of ESG risks by referring to the World Economic Forum's 2023 Global Risk Report, TCFD, and industrial operational risk categories. The Company has proposed 14 potential risk factors for risk assessment.

    To enhance the capabilities for responding to key international environmental, social, and economic risks, Simplo is geared towards the objective of corporate sustainable management, as well as meeting the key trends customers are concerned about. Led by the Sustainability Office, the sources of the operating risks in terms of the environment, particularly the “climate change aspect,” are identified, and the sustainable risk assessment survey is conducted in each plant in the form of questionnaires. The assessment of “occurrence frequency (A),” “impact level (B),” and “control level (C)” are identified, seeking active responses via this risk assessment and management mechanism, to eliminate or mitigate the risk level of the long-term operations of the company and to establish the risk management system.