Laboratory Certification

  • Simplo Testing Laboratory was founded in 2000. In 2006, we were certified by Shanghai Institute of Chemical Industry Testing Co., Ltd. (SICIT) as an UN 38.3 qualified laboratory. In 2007, we achieved Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF) certification and ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation, which made Simplo Testing Laboratory officially a third-party certification accreditation testing laboratory. After that, we passed UL audit in 2008 and officially became the first qualified demonstration laboratory of UL 2054 in Asia.
  • Simplo Testing Laboratory is accredited by UL/TÜV/Intertek certification bodies as testing laboratory for UL 2054/2056 and IEC 61960/62133-2/60950-1/62368-1 standards.
  • With state-of-the-art precision testing equipment, Simplo Testing Laboratory provides Vendor Self Qualification (VSQ) test results for industry partners (Dell/HP/Lenovo/Apple/MSFT).

Laboratory Capability

  • Safety & Reliability Testing / Regulatory Compliance Services (UL/TÜV/CE…) / UN38.3 & IATA Transportation Testing
  • Reliability & Cycle Life Testing
  • Cell Application and Performance Testing
  • New Cell Vendor Audition & Qualification Testing / Energy System Failure Analysis / Research on New Energy Technology


Laboratory Environment

 Over US$10 million facilities investment

  • Continued to build equipment and testing capabilities expansion

  • Improving personnel competence and professional skills


 Over 2,500 square meters testing area

For Battery Performance and Environmental Tests

455 Chambers / 4685 Learning Channels / 6 Thermal Shock Testers / 1 Salt Spray Tester / 1 HALT Tester

For Transportation Tests

3 Vibration Testers / 2 Vacuum Testers / 2 Drop Testers / 2 Mechanical Shock Testers

For EMC Tests

1 EMI/EMS Chamber / 1 ESD Tester / EDS

For Pack Module Safety Tests

Thermal Chambers / X-ray / Bending Test / Nail Test / Crush Test / Waterproof and Dustproof Test / Washing Test / Short Circuit Test

Moving into Future

Continue to build safety and reliability testing and verification equipment for power battery modules and energy storage system equipment: Thermal Chambers / Learning Testers / High-rate Thermal & Humidity Chambers/ Crush Test / Nail Test / Waterproof and Dustproof Test / Walk-in Chamber / Propagation Test Laboratory.