Human Rights Policy

Simplo is committed to implementing international human rights and creating an environment to protect human rights based on “Protection, Respect, and Remedy.” Simplo supports and complies with the principles and spirits of related international laws of each country locally, such as the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, the “United Nations Global Compact”, the “International Labor Organization Tripartite Declaration of Principles”, the “Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct”, and the “OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises”. Simplo has established the “Human Right Policy Statement of Simplo Technology Co., Ltd. and Group Affiliates” in order to eliminate any violation and infringement of human rights to protect the rights and interests of all the employees, suppliers, contractors, customers, shareholders, investment institutions, government agencies and other stakeholders. In addition, a completely smooth communication channel within the company and the group company is established to respect employees having the freedom to host gatherings and treat all the employees and stakeholders with fairness and dignity.



Prohibiting forced labor and child labor

Eliminate various forms of forced labor and respect the freedom of employees; no compulsory employment, exploitation of labor or employment of involuntary labor. All employees work voluntarily and are entitled to the right to resign or terminate employment at will, while no child labor may be used at any stage of production.

Prohibiting all forms of discrimination

Implement diversity of the work place. No differentiated treatment or any form of discrimination based on race, social status, nationality, class, language, ideology, religion, political affiliation, origin, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, appearance, face, disability, or past union membership.

Establishing a fair and reasonable remuneration system

Salaries compliant with all laws and regulations are paid to employees, without difference due to gender or sexual orientation; those with the same job or value shall be paid the same salary. However, this does not apply to deviations based on differences of the salary payment system, seniority, reward and punishment, performance, or other justified reasons other than gender or sexual orientation.

Providing a safe and healthy working environment

Compliance with relevant regulations to continuously improve the safety and hygiene of the work environment, prevent accidents, reduce the risk of occupational disasters, ensure the safety of workers and promote their physical and mental health.

Building a stable labor-management harmonious relationship

To coordinate and harmonize labor-management relations, enhance mutual understanding, promote cooperation between labor and management, and improve work efficiency, labor-management communication meetings are held regularly pursuant to the requirements of relevant labor laws and regulations of the local government to communicate opinions and negotiate with each other to solve problems. Where any misconduct or violation of relevant laws and regulations occurs, grievances or reports may be made through smooth communication channels, and immediate remedial measures may be taken if human rights are violated.

Human Rights Risk Assessment and Management

Simplo has a human rights policy and publicly discloses it to stakeholders. The human rights policy and related information are communicated to all employees through the orientation for new recruits and E-learning Online Courses for compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Simplo Tech has joined the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) member since 2021, and promises to abide by the RBA Code of Conduct. The company fills out the RBA Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) every year to identify risks related to labor, health and safety, environment, ethics, and management systems in operations. Simplo is committed to complying with the RBA code of conduct, actively fulfilling corporate social responsibilities, and applying it to internal employee care and supply chain management to establish a sustainable and co-prosperous partnership. In addition, Simplo responds to customer requests and follows the RBA Validated Audit Process (VAP) to conduct third-party verification agency audits to identify the environmental and social sustainable management practices of each factory, including the implementation of management mechanisms and their performance, as a basis for subsequent improvement. In 2022, Simplo’s Chongqing RBA VAP score is 174.1, obtained silver certification, which meets customer requirements.

2022 Human Rights Review

Site Audit Audit type Results
Simplo (Chongqing) Customer Audit: 2 times
Internal Audit: once
On-site & remoted
Qualified, no major deficiencies
Qualified, no major deficiencies
Simplo (Changshu) & Huapu) Customer Audit: 5 times
Internal Audit: once
On-site & remoted
Qualified, no major deficiencies
Qualified, no major deficiencies

Human Rights Protection Measures and Complaints

Simplo Tech has an exclusive complaint channel for human rights protection and discloses it publicly on internal and external websites, and implements it in daily work and new employee orientation. In order to maintain gender equality at work, human dignity and protect employees, the "Sexual Harassment Prevention Measures" and "Complaint Disciplinary Measures" are clearly formulated and publicly disclosed to maintain gender equality in the workplace.

Spokesperson Vice President Wei