Remuneration & Welfare

  • Dividends/Year-end bonus
  • Labor Day/Dragon Boat Festival/Mid-Autumn Festival/Birthday gift certificates
  • Department Dinner Gathering
  • Subsidies for weddings, celebrations, funerals and emergencies
  • Free Employee Group Insurance
  • Annual Employee Physical Check-Up
  • Year-end party/Mid-Autumn Festival Raffle
  • Incentive trip
  • Free Lunch
  • Free Parking
  • Employee dormitory / Accommodation Subsidy
  • Employee Fitness Center/ Court
  • Family Mart
  • Family Day
  • Breastfeeding room /Staff Infirmary
  • On-Site Doctors for Consultancy Service/Professional Nursing Staff
  • Subsidy for Preschool Education/Scholarship Incentives for employees and their Children
  • Club Activities Subsidy

Employee Activities

  Blood Donation
  Mid-Autumn Festival Party
  Coastal Tree Planting Activities
  Employee Incentive Trip
  Year-End Party
Simplo ”Love” Charity

Company Facilities

  On-site convenience store
Employee Parking Space
Recreational Fitness Center
  Yoga Classroom
   Indoor activities/Workout equipment
Employee Physical Check-up

The salary of new recruits in Simplo are higher than the local minimum salary. In terms of remuneration system, to motivate employees and the management team, pursuant to Simplo's Articles of Incorporation, when Simplo makes profits in a year, it shall contribute no less than 3% as employee remuneration, and the Board of Director resolves to pay the remuneration in cash or in shares. The eligible receivers include employees of subordinate companies who meet certain conditions. The company implements salary equality and avoids gender discrimination in the workplace. Appointment and remuneration refer to the salary structure corresponding to the internal rank. The main evaluation factors are education, experience and professional ability, and there is no difference due to gender.

Cultivating Talents

Simplo offers a variety of learning channels, such as internal and external training sessions, online language learning, job rotation and study abroad programs, in order to construct comprehensive learning system, provide sufficient resources, and create sustainable competitiveness among colleagues. Furthermore, the organization continue to cultivate significant employees who have talents, strengthen the variety in courses, making colleagues learn continuously, and grow together with the company.




Pension Scheme

The company has set up a "Labor Retirement Reserve Fund Supervision Committee" to supervise employee pension expenditures, and has established "Employee Retirement Measures". The company's employee retirement method stipulated in accordance with the "Labor Pension Act" is a defined retirement method. From July 1st, 2005, 6% of the employee's monthly salary will be allocated to the individual pension account of the Labor Insurance Bureau. The company's employee retirement method stipulated in accordance with the "Labor Standards Act" is a defined benefit retirement method.

According to the provisions of the regulations, employee pensions are calculated based on the years of service and the average salary at the time of retirement. The company allocates 2% of the employee's total salary to the employee retirement fund every month, and submits it to the Labor Retirement Reserve Fund Supervision Committee to deposit it into the dedicated account of the Bank of Taiwan in the name of the committee. All employees within the establishment who meet these regulations can apply for pensions in accordance with these regulations, and the company's pensions will be transferred to the retirement dedicated account of the Bank of Taiwan in a fixed monthly amount. The pension system shall be handled in accordance with the old and new pension system stipulated in the "Labor Standards Act".