Founded in 1992, Simplo Group is headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan. It is a professional R&D and manufacturer of lithium-ion battery modules. More than 200 million battery packs are provided every year, and one out of every three notebook battery packs in the market is manufactured by Simplo Group. The main production bases are located in Changshu and Chongqing, and the industrial layout is developing towards internationalization. The global supply chain covers Asia, America and Europe.
After years of hard work, Simplo has become a partner of many well-known international manufacturers, and its shipments have repeatedly hit new highs. The notebook computer battery has the largest market share in the world, and has won many domestic and foreign affirmations such as Forbes Magazine, Bloomberg Businessweek, and CommonWealth Magazine.
In 2009, Simplo was included in Morgan Stanley's constituent, establishing a world-class leadership. In the same year, the revenue exceeded US$1 billion and continued to grow rapidly. In recent years, the awareness of energy saving has been on the rise.

Based on the solid research and development foundation of notebook computer batteries, Simplo is actively investing in the energy-saving industry. Since 2008, the Company has developed its own new energy technologies such as power batteries, energy storage systems, and charging facilities. At the same time, we also cooperate and develop battery pack technology for various projects with relevant leading manufacturers.
In order to ensure production quality and fulfill corporate responsibilities, Simplo has passed ISO 9001 quality management system, ISO 14001 environmental management system and ISO 45001 occupational safety and health management system certification since 2002, and continues to improve. All employees adhere to the quality policy and spirit of "specialization, attentiveness, commitment", and are fully familiar with the professional manufacturing process to achieve the goal of meeting quality specifications.
Simplo has flexible production capacity, strict process control, and a complete production system. In addition, self-developed 100% automatic production, testing, inspection fixture equipment, and intelligent storage system to achieve high-efficiency and high-quality product standards. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of products and shorten the time for product safety verification, Simplo has invested a huge amount of money to establish a lithium battery safety and reliability testing laboratory since 2000.
The laboratory has been certified by UL in the United States, TUV-SUD in Germany, LCIE in France, TAF in Taiwan, Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry and BATSO. Simplo's products includs laptop batteries, batteries for various handheld applications, batteries for electric bicycles, batteries for electric motorcycles, batteries for pure electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles, batteries for electric buses, energy storage systems, chargers and charging stations, and quick battery replacement systems.
In 2011, the company developed a comprehensive solution for electric vehicles, including battery systems, on-board chargers, DC converters, and vehicle control systems, and completed the development platform for pure electric vehicles and conducted actual road tests, which is a new peak for Simplo's technology research and development capabilities.
Simplo relies on a strong and reliable backing up with a solid foundation in the research and development of laptop batteries, and devotes itself to the development and integration of new energy technologies. Combining research and development, production and manufacturing, market services and global layout, Simplo will become a leader in the new energy industry and contribute to the sustainable development of science and technology and the global environment.