Simplo Group leads the industry in publishing the 2022 Sustainability Report, and has passed the third-party verification (SGS), which meets the requirements of GRI General Guidelines and AA 1000 ASv3 Type 1 Moderate Assurance Level, and discloses and presents the environment to stakeholders. Strategies and actions for the three major aspects of social, corporate governance and corporate governance.

This report is also the first to follow the hardware industry indicators issued by the SASB Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board) to carry out indicator indexing; in addition to being in line with international standards, it also meets the expectations of stakeholders.

In response to the continuous innovation and development of Simplo's business landscape, a new chapter on energy storage ESS business and a report on self-built solar photovoltaic power generation in the factory area were added; the sustainable supply chain policy was released, and the sustainable strategy blueprint and performance presentation were implemented in line with SDGs to implement Sustainable supply chain management.

Simplo upholds the standpoint of transparency, integrity and objectivity, follows the sustainable policy framework of "Integrity, Green Innovation, Caring for the Society, and Circular Economy", and continuously enhances sustainable energy to demonstrate Simplo's determination to practice corporate sustainability and continuous improvement.