SIMPLO in December 2017 revenue 61.15 billion, the Q4 revenue of 18.17 billion, up 15.4%, compared with the original measure of a 13.4% growth, the second highest single-season history.

SIMPLO (6121) announced today that its December 2017 self-combined revenue of NT 6,115,000,000, with a total revenue of 18.17 billion yuan in the fourth quarter, the highest single-season history. Revenue for the fourth quarter rose 15.4% quarter-on-quarter to 9.8% from the same period last year and up 13.4% from the previous quarter.

The Q4 is the traditional peak season, customers actively pulling goods, the new general in June 2017 shareholders by cash reduction, reduced capital after the paid-in capital of about NT $ 1.85 billion, full weight loss after restructuring, 2017 full year merger Revenue reached NT $ 58.28 billion, an increase of 58.1 billion from 2016 revenue. In 2017, the TWD appreciated sharply against the USD. In USD, revenue in 2017 reached 1.921 billion USD, up 6.1% over 2016, regaining growth momentum.

SIMPLO is a leader in lithium battery modules for information products such as notebook computers and smartphones. In addition, its sales of new energy products are also dominated by high-power lithium-ion battery modules for electric bicycles and electric motorcycles. SIMPLO has been praying for industrial robots and key components for many years. At the first robotic and intelligent automation exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan in September 2017, it was highly praised. In addition, it is expected that in the second half of this year, SIMPLO will make some gains in the energy storage market in large-scale data centers and hopes to ferment the new products in the new area this year. It is expected that revenue will reach a higher level in 2018!