2017 Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robot Show

SIMPLO Group for notebook computers, smartphones and other information products lithium battery module leader, active restructuring in recent years, industrial robots and key components deep plowing for many years, fruitful R & D results will be on September 6 this year To September 9 Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robot Show demo and display.

The topics of this exhibition are standard and customized robot, multi-axis servo drive, standard and non-standard harmonic reducer, mechanical vision hardware and identification, and robotic automation integration services. SIMPLO layout of industrial robots and key components originally aimed at reducing the manufacturing costs within the group of factories, the group has accumulated over the use of its own home-made 400 industrial robotic products, estimated that by 2018 will be the cumulative shipments of 600 to the group within the factory, and then will be the annual shipment of 1,000 as the goal, with the rapid increase in the amount of factories, but also to the new general industrial robot quickly accumulated in a short period of experience and experience the quality and stability of products.

SIMPLO Technology's biggest advantage is the development and manufacture of key components, including the most difficult harmonic reducer and multi-axis servo drive, in addition to the industrial vision for the industrial camera and image recognition system has made great strides and Applied to the factory's manipulator. SIMPLO industrial robots include the standard Scara 400 and 600 robots, six-axis articulated robots, and custom-made wafer-based wafer robots. In addition, the brushless DC motor-powered mechatronic The ultra-economical four-axis articulated robot is also being developed and ready for mass production in the first quarter of 2018, when production line automation costs will be drastically reduced. In the control system has developed the industry's smallest four-in-one plus two servo drives, six in one and two servo drives, multi-axis servo drives universal, single-axis servo drives and brushless DC motors Four-in-one drive controller with complete product coverage and fast delivery of special internal and external customer needs. In the harmonic reducer, the most difficult gear machining is factory processing, has now exceeded the bottleneck of precision machining small teeth, the smallest tooth can have a modulus of 0.1 level, the industry few people can reach the realm. The new universal Harmonic reducer in Japan procurement and factory-made dual-track parallel strategy, and special specifications and internal use of manipulator, will gradually stabilize with the production capacity, and gradually increase the use of homemade.

In addition to robots and automation equipment, the new universal in the new energy products are also inked, high-power electric bicycle and electric motorcycle lithium battery module sales will continue to maintain high growth. In addition, S & P has been in the large-scale industrial and domestic energy storage market for many years, when the market matures will also receive great benefits. With the advent of Industry 4.0, the company expects to promote its own R & D automation equipment, so that more businesses are affected benefit. In addition to demonstrating the R & D achievements of the new robot technology over the years, it is also seeking cooperation and alliances from the industry to create the future value of Taiwan in the upcoming robot era. (Exhibitor booth K316, Nangang Exhibition Hall 1F)