CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) is an internationally authoritative sustainability evaluation organization. This organization evaluates the environment-related performance of enterprises every year and gives different grades from A to D: Grade A (Leadership), Grade B (Management), Grade C (Awareness), Grade D (Disclosure).

implo Technology was rated B in the CDP Climate Change Questionnaire in 2022. According to CDP, B-rated companies indicate they have the ability to manage the impact of climate change. At the same time, CDP recently announced the results of the 2022 Supplier Engagement Rating (SER), and Simplo Technology was rated "A-", which shows that Simplo Technology's carbon reduction management efforts and action results have been recognized by international evaluations. Of course, we will not be complacent about the results at this stage, and will continue to work hard on this basis.

In recent years, in response to the global trend of net-zero carbon emissions, Simplo Technology has actively planned carbon reduction targets and actively made the best preparations for the competitiveness of the low-carbon economy. In 2021, we signed to join the SBTi carbon reduction commitment, and in 2022 we submitted the 1.5°C carbon reduction scenario target, which is expected to pass the review in 2023.