Simplo Technology, the global leader in battery modules, announced on May 25th that the carbon reduction path target set for climate adaptation in response to the risk of climate change has passed the SBTi review, becoming the first battery module manufacturer in the world to pass. This achievement demonstrates Simplo Technology's determination to help the world control the temperature rise within 1.5°C. This is also Simplo Technology once again leading the industry after obtaining the B-level affirmation of the CDP climate questionnaire in 2022, and establishing an important milestone for the future net zero goal.

Simplo Technology has been launched since the first year of sustainable development in 2021, actively planning carbon management issues, signed the SBT commitment in 2021, completed the target submission in 2022, the near-term target has been approved in May 2023. Simplo Technology commits to reduce absolute scope1 and 2 GHG emissions 51% by 2030 from a 2020 base year. Simplo Technology also commits to reduce absolute scope3 GHG emissions from purchased goods and services 25% within the same timeframe. Through the greenhouse gas inventory, Simplo has worked steadily from top to bottom, setting near-term goals, and laying a solid foundation for Simplo to move towards the goal of net zero in 2050.

In terms of Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) performance, Simplo Technology received a B rating in 2022. CDP states that a B rating represents the company's ability to manage the impact of climate change. At the same time, CDP announced the results of the Supplier Engagement Rating (SER) for 2022, and was rated "A-", which shows that Simplo Technology's carbon reduction management efforts and action results are both affirmed by international evaluations.

In recent years, the carbon footprint of products has attracted much attention. Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is based on the characteristics of the product life cycle, and provides consumers with quantifiable and comparable environmental performance results according to the ISO 14025 standard (Environmental labels and declarations). The Advanced Energy Solution, a subsidiary of Simplo Technology, formulated "EPD-PCR" in 2022 as a common calculation benchmark in the industry, and at the same time completed the third type of environmental declaration for Backup Battery Unit, becoming the world's first BBU case that passed third-party EPD verification. (query URL)

Looking forward to the future, Simplo will continue to develop carbon reduction plans and implement carbon reduction goals, including: introducing ISO 50001, installing solar panels for self-use, signing renewable energy power purchase contracts, etc., and will also cooperate with suppliers to exert influence and respond to reduction carbon, and establish a sustainable and co-prosperous value chain. The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) is co-sponsored by the United Nations Global Compact and the International Carbon Reduction Initiative CDP. In response to the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, a reasonable amount of carbon reduction is calculated through scientific methods. Currently, more than 2,700 companies around the world have passed SBTi, among which Simplo Technology is the first battery module manufacturing company in the world to pass the target review.