The issue of global ESG sustainability continues to receive high attention. Countries and companies are actively launching carbon reduction actions in response to climate change, and have successively put forward net zero commitments. The scope of carbon reduction has also been extended to the supply chain. Simplo held a sustainable supply chain communication meeting on June 1, and invite 83 suppliers and nearly 200 partners to join in the grand event online and offline. The meeting focused on "Sustainable Core, co-benefits with partners " as the main axis, and released the SMP sustainable supply chain management policy. The CEO, CPO and CSO of Simplo performed the signing ceremony for the sustainable supply chain launch. The Sustainability Office shared the journey of Simplo’s sustainable way, and also explained the strategies and goals of supply chain management. We also invites sustainable experts to share ESG trends, carbon reduction and solutions. Sharing to the supply chain to face climate change together, and work together to achieve the goal of reducing carbon emissions by 25% by 2030, and do our part to protect the earth. CEO of Simplo said that the world is facing many major challenges, including climate change, raging epidemics and international instability. International brand customers have increasing requirements for carbon reduction, and the supply chain is facing challenges. How to strengthen corporate resilience is even more important. We look forward to working hand in hand with the supply chain, exerting sustainable influence, considering both corporate development and sustainable goals, and jointly prospering and benefiting together. Simplo take actions to achieve corporate sustainability. In addition to the SBTi near-term target has been approved in May 2023, with 2020 as the base year. and commits to reduce absolute scope1 and 2 GHG emissions 51% by 2030 from a 2020 base year. Simplo also commits to reduce absolute scope3 GHG emissions from purchased goods and services 25% within the same timeframe.

In terms of Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) performance, Simplo received a B rating in 2022. CDP states that a B rating represents the company's ability to manage the impact of climate change. At the same time, CDP announced the results of the Supplier Engagement Rating (SER) for 2022, and was rated "A-", which shows that Simplo’s carbon reduction management efforts and action results are both affirmed by international evaluations.

Looking forward to the future, Simplo will continue to carry out energy-saving solutions, install solar photovoltaics in the factory, sign renewable energy power purchase contracts and other carbon reduction plans to achieve carbon reduction goals. In addition, Simplo attaches great importance to the disclosure of sustainability information, and expects to issue a 2022 sustainability report that meets the latest requirements of GRI and SASB in August. This is also the second sustainability report that has been verified by a third party to meet international standards after the release of the first sustainability report last year.

As a member of the "Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), Simplo promises to abide by the RBA code of conduct and is committed to promoting the code of conduct to the supply chain. The meeting also expressed Supply chain partners introduce the latest developments in the RBA code of conduct. At the same time, Simplo echoes the SDGs 17 global partnership and joins hands with the supply chain to build a co-prosperous ecosystem towards a sustainable and mutually beneficial future.