Simplo Technology Group Sustainability Policy" covers the three major aspects of ESG, and serves as the highest guidelines of Simplo's sustainable development to implement ESG and enhance the corporate competitiveness, launching the company toward corporate sustainable development.




Sustainability Strategy and Goals

In order to respond to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Simplo identified 7 SDGs with its own core advantages through the consensus meeting of the company's senior executives, and summarized the development priorities of sustainable issues. Through internal communication and grasping the needs of stakeholders, Simplo was able to formulate short-, medium-, and long-term sustainable goals.




  • Important operating bases have obtained ISO 45001:2018 certification
  • Establish an "Occupational Safety and Health Committee" to implement related management
  • Conformity with the regulations
  • Formulate a human rights policy to eliminate all violations of human rights
  • Implemented human rights-related training courses for employees, with a total of 5,963 participants and a participation rate of 100%
  • Expand energy storage business
  • Build solar power generation equipment in the factory area
  • Sign a green electricity contract
  • Introduce ISO 50001 energy management system
  • Increase the proportion of renewable energy from 24% to 84%
  • Continue to implement the circular economy plan for recycling PCR plastics and packaging materials
  • Establish green product information, complete 2 product carbon footprint surveys and pass ISO 14067 third-party verification
  • Formulate supplier management strategy
  • Require suppliers to sign the “Supplier Statement for Code of Conduct”
  • Completed 13 sustainability management questionnaires
  • Completed the RBA audit of 37 suppliers
  • Execute supply chain responsible mineral management and due diligence
  • Conduct an annual inventory of the Group's GHG emissions
  • Participate in the CDP program and independently disclose carbon information on carbon issues
  • Passed a compliance review by the SBTi
  • Follow the TCFD framework to identify climate risks and opportunities, and formulate high-risk adaptation and mitigation strategies
  • Response to international initiatives
  • Held a sustainable supply chain communication conference, with 83 suppliers participating, and continued to negotiate with suppliers to deepen partnerships
Note: For details, please refer to the chapter 1.2 SDGs Sustainable Strategy Blueprint of "Simplo Technology 2022 Sustainability Report".